I use my hands to draw, sculpt and build objects. The thread that connects these different creations is an appreciation of nature, the mind and craftsmanship. Through my work, I try to reintroduce a feeling of awe towards the natural world, explore our emotions and recognise man's effort to shape matter with his hands.

Poposh Rupestre is the alias of Filippo Muzi Falconi. The name came about fairly naturally over time. When I was a kid, my mother used to call me poposh because I really liked hippos but didn't quite know how to pronounce the word well. Out of a completely unrelated coincidence, years later, friends started to call me that too. Then came the word 'rupestre', which I welcomed because I found it representative of my inner self.

As for my outer self, I have a background in social psychology and work as a behavioural scientist in a research agency based in London. I draw on insights from behavioural science to design interventions, services and policies that encourage environmentally sustainable behaviours, from waste prevention to resource conservation.

Instagram: poposh_rupestre